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President's Message

Dear Members,

I hope the holiday season found you full of joy and fellowship. Now is the time to work on and fulfill all of those resolutions that were made. Speaking of resolutions, the Board will be working on the resolutions to be brought to the ISMS House of Delegates meeting. Many times the concerns you have are shared by a great number of us. Please contact us with any ideas you have. These will be debated and tweaked at the county Board level and sent off to other counties for support. We usually have two or three of these suggestions that make it into the House of Delegates meeting.

Please don’t forget about finding a new member. If you have talked to someone that’s on the fence, contact one the KCMS Board members and we will lend a hand. Remember, we are all in this together. Please reach out to anyone on the Board if you have an idea, a question, or a need.


Dr. Andrew Ward, MD

President KCMS

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